Yep. That pretty much sums it up…

My name is Shondrea and my life is buffering.

(Not so) Carefree Black Girl

A few weeks ago, I quit graduate school in Los Angeles along with my teaching job. I didn’t have another job lined up and still don’t.

I’m also 25, #millennial, and finally old enough to rent a car but still not financially secure enough to afford my own place, stable enough to be anyone’s mama, or sometimes even adult enough to both grocery shop and cook on the same day.

But I love to write. I always have. And I love all things pop culture, Black culture, travel, food, and fun.

And as imperfect as I can be sometimes, as messy as this moment is…I love it because it’s mine. Buffers and all.


So what is this blog about? Honestly, right now, I don’t know.

Much like the rest of my life post-quitting school a lot of things are up in the air. Maybe it’ll be about being one of the thousands of millennials who are staring down a quarter-life crisis (relationships!? Career!?! The virtues of Hulu over Netflix!?!) Maybe it’ll be about me trying to be a more adultier adult (Decor/apartment stuff!?! Cooking!?? Finances!?! [editors note: no]) Maybe it’ll become a travel blog where I detail the far and not-so-far flung places I go? Maybe it’ll just be me screaming into the void.

Either way, it’ll be me as I am right now at 25 in Trump’s America, wonderfully and wholly alive and beautifully trying to make sense of progress in all it’s unsavable, lightning-in-a-bottle, mystery. Who knows…maybe I’ll even be able to lock some down. 😉