Mini Blog: I Live in Sweden

Or at least it’s American Embassy

I’ve been to IKEA so many times in the past few weeks I might be learning Swedish.

My body is 30% meatballs and 10% lingonberry sauce at this point.

I’ve learned the shortcuts for my store.

I’ve sunk into the walls and experienced true DIY nirvana.

And I’ve spent too many hours on the damn 3 train!!

The project of crafting the perfect femme glam marble/rose gold room on a budget has been in full force and is coming to a structural close by the end of the week (meaning all furniture will be in place, decor soon come). In the meantime, deep in the throes of the DIY/self improvement spirit, I’ve made multiple trips to IKEA, Target, Marshall’s, Michaels, and Bed Bath and Beyond in search of the perfect *insert here*. It’s my noblest quest and tbh it’s taking all my free time.

Honestly though, it’s a positive. Fresh off my latest sorta-kinda breakup and pretty lonely while I wait to go to work (August 6th!! I got a job!!) putting effort into the apartment has helped keep me grounded. Sure I might be covered in spray paint right now, but ultimately speaking, it’ll be for the greatest good when I can finally walk into a 100% fully curated space that was hand designed and picked by myself. No hand me downs, no randomness, just me in my new world.

So I’m learning Swedish by default. And spray painting. And building a new world for myself piece-by-attans-piece!

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